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How to Add Friends on Microsoft Store

When you add friends on Microsoft store, your friend’s menu allows you to instantly find friends online and get set for your next adventure.

Excel Quick Tips – Selecting Non-Adjacent Cells in Excel on Mac

What if you have hundreds or thousands of rows, it will take much of your time, and even get worse when selecting non-adjacent cells in excel. How could you handle this issue? Please read on, then you can arrive at the answer.

How to make someone a mod on Twitch

These roles are distributed to make comments spam-free and be focused on stream only. Here we will talk about how to make people mod on Twitch.

3 Feasible Ways to Print Google Docs with Comments?

To print google documents with comments, you have to download it as a word file or webpage or a PDF in your device. Here below, we will discover ways to download google docs with comments and then how to print.

Fixed: Youtube Videos Slow Motion Problems 

What are these problems, and how can you tackle them? Read on to find out how to fix Youtube videos slow motion problems.

Best game ever- The Room Old Sins Apk

Here is the detailed instruction on how to get The Room: Old Sins APK onto your Android without installing any additional modules.